Learn how to run forever at any age without pain!

Practice ChiRunning™. This revolutionary, (ever evolving) approach to effortless, energy efficient, injury free running was developed by ultra-marathoner Danny Dreyer. ChiRunning™ differs from traditional running in that the focus is on FORM first, then distance, then speed. Most people train to run in the opposite order and they experience pain and sometimes injury. The “goal of ChiRunning™ is to be able to feel great and “built up” after a workout. ChiRunning™ is a practice similar to Yoga and Pilates or Tai Chi. Eventually with practice ChiRunning™ becomes second nature. This program is brought to the Northeast by New York City based ChiRunning™ instructor/personal trainer and USA triathlon coach Joel Matalon.Classes and Workshops are updated regularly.  Check out our listings to find a class/clinic/workshop that's right for you!






ChiRunning™ KIDS!

JCC ChiRunning™ Technique Training

ChiRunning™ Workshop with Danny Dreyer Level I

ChiRunning™ Workshop with Danny Dreyer Level II


Available for
Semi-Private Sessions
Workshops for groups, teams and corporations both large/small

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